How to do Handover – MOC

With rapid change of the world business and working environment, many companies should restructure their organization to a lean and simple organization. Unfortunately, many of them are not success in management of change process, especially for the handover process from incumbent personnel to the new in-charged person. Some companies do not have an acceptance handover check list as part of Management of Change process. Once the incumbent person left the company, he has no more responsibility anymore about his or her previous job. Poor management of change result a high hidden cost related to completion job effectiveness. Just like a domino effect the longer duration of job completion may result decreasing production, late response to customer, pending some decision process, increasing stress and still others.

The accumulation of knowledge and skill cannot easily be transferred only through handover paper.Just like an audit process, the incumbent personnel should help new worker by showing documentation evidence, explaining through presentation with question and answer and show how to do. The line manager shall ensure handover process is thorough and complete by asking:

  • Have you understood your role and know how to do?
  • Have you gotten an adequate handover information?
  • Have you understood the critical or the high risk of your roles?
  • Are you confident enough to perform the assigned new role?
  • Do you know whom you should contact to if you have an unsolved issue?
  • Do you know what and when to report your performance or result?
  • With all “Yes” answers mean handover process of MOC run smoothly.

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