What is SMK3? | Konsultan Safety di Jakarta

SMK3 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) by regulation PP 50/2012 is mandatory for companies employ at least 100 employee; or companies poses high-level potential hazards. High-level potential hazards is defined as hazards which threaten some’s life, impact to loss of production, or damage environment.

In relation to SMK3 requirement, the potential hazard of chemicals used for operation shall be classified its potential hazard category as per Permenker 187/1999d and based on its characteristic of toxicity, flammability, explosivity and radiation. Company shall control the threshold quantity level of hazardous chemical.

An Safety Advisor can help to conduct a thorough risk assessment and determine risk level of each company activities and hazardous chemical classification store at site.

Details and guidelines for the SMK3 are provided in the Regulation’s three appendices, which form integral parts of the Regulation.

Appendix 1. Implementation SMK3 comprises:

  • stipulation of the work safety and health policies;
  • planning;
  • implementation of the plan;
  • monitoring and evaluation of the implementation;
  • review and improvement;

    Appendix 2. Implementation assessment guidance SMK3

    Appendix 3. Implementation Audit criteria SMK3

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